4 April 2013

Are You A Homosexual ?

Posted by bong dom On Khamis, April 04, 2013 | No comments
Just a couple of points. The girl interviewing him keeps covering her mouth and nose with her hands. Either the guy has not showered or the girl is new in the job. The guy is completely bullshitting. The tape begins with him denying that he knew anything about citizenships being given to immigrants in Sabah while he was Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia. Let me ask you all a question - do you believe him? If you do, you had better go and jump in the Sulu Sea. (By the way Azzimudie Kiram is dead.) Then the bullshitter says he had written a paper which called for the dismantling of the NEP in 2000. This is not possible because the moron does not know anything about anything. Here is a simple quetion for him - will he agree that UITM be open to all races on an equal footing? Maybe BFM can call him up and ask him that question as well. Then the girl jumps him. She asks him point blank : i. Are you a homosexual or a bisexual? The guy goes completely blank. He was obviously not expecting the question at all. Then he starts going all over the place. He does not answer the question with a simple no or yes. You can see the girl starts to smile at his bullshitting. She asks him again : ii. Is it a yes or no? Again he bullshits all over the place. He cannot give a simple straight forward answer. So she asks him a third time : iii. You are not a homosexual? Again the moron does not answer directly. He goes all over town. Finally at the fourth time, the girl has to coax an agreement out of him iv. 'So the answer is No?'. To which he says 'of course..'. In short he never gave a simple, straight forward answer that he was NOT a homosexual. He also says, whether a person is a homosexual or bisexual is a personal matter. This is him bullshitting again. What would his wife say? That such questions are between an anugerah Tuhan and his partners !! I just came back from a mind boggling session about Islam Syariah principles in the gold jewellery trade. This was just a diversion.


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