4 April 2013

Hindraf gets good vibes from BN, wants debate with DAP

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Hindraf is looking forward to a second meeting with Najib after getting positive feedback through informal contacts. It is also challenging Lim Kit Siang to a debate on its blueprint.
K Kabilan, FMT
Hindraf today said that there were indications that Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak would seriously look into its five-year blueprint for the betterment of the marginalised Indian community.
“We think there are chances of our proposals being adopted by the Barisan Nasional,” Hindraf’s national adviser N Ganesan told FMT today.
He said that following a formal meeting between Hindraf and Najib on March 25 at Putrajaya, there have been “informal contacts” between the parties on the matter.
“Based on these informal contacts, things are looking positive. We now await our second formal meeting to take place to take this to the next step,” he said.


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